How To Create an Account on Cruxdata

Cruxdata is as a game-changer for small businesses, offering a holistic platform that transforms digital strategies through integrated SEO tools, social media monitoring, and website analytics.

This all-in-one platform propels your digital marketing capabilities, providing an intuitive interface for easy tracking of data from various sources, all consolidated in one accessible location. Catering to different business needs, Cruxdata is a virtual partner, whether you're a hands-on manager, or you require support in handling agencies or freelancers.

Step 1.

Navigate to

Step 2.

Select "Sign Up", and fill out your information

Step 3.

Enter your payment information

Step 4.

Enter your business website

Step 5.

Enter your business details

Step 5.

Congratulations on creating your Cruxdata account!

You now have immediate access to a suite of valuable SEO tools at your fingertips, including Keyword Rankings, Website Audits, Backlinks, Semantic Core Builder, and Keyword Monitoring. To initiate an automatic SEO competitive analysis, just enter your top five competitors. This will provide you with critical insights to strategize effectively.

For immediate dashboard construction and to fully leverage the benefits of Cruxdata, you're encouraged to connect your accounts. This is a simple process—just a click and sign-in away.

Please note: Until your accounts are connected, many of the graphs and tables will remain blank. Don't worry, these will populate with valuable data once your accounts are linked.

Preston Derrick