How To Increase Search Engine Visitors using Keyword Optimization and Semantic Core Development

A solid semantic core is necessary for attracting website visitors.

STEP 1 - Rank for as many keywords as possible.

Selecting and implementing keywords with moderate to high search volume and low competition is a crucial aspect of keyword optimization, as it can greatly enhance your website's ranking for multiple keywords. However, achieving a spot among the top 75 results is no small feat, despite this being the primary objective. To illustrate, even a popular search term such as "massage" generates an overwhelming 3.5 billion search results in just 0.49 seconds, making it a formidable challenge to attain a top position. For an in-depth explanation, consider delving into "Unlocking the Power of Semantic Core: Elevate Your Website's SEO Performance."

It's important to remember that SEO is a gradual process, and it may take time to witness tangible outcomes. In this scenario, the first increase was observed after five months, with another increase following three months later.

STEP 2 - Analyze the metrics for each keyword

This table displays all of the example website's ranked keywords alongside key metrics. By sorting the table according to the absolute rank, you can identify which keywords are ranking in the top 10 as well as other groupings. In addition to top 10 rankings, this website also ranks in the "Local Pack" for multiple keyword phrases.

STEP 3 - Measure visitors from search

To evaluate the impact on website visitors, navigate to the SEO Website Visitors Dashboard and set the date selector to the same time frame as the Keywords Ranking Trends graph. By doing so, you will notice that website visitors have increased over 1300 during the same time period as the Keywords Ranking Trends graph.

Preston Derrick