How to Get Started With SEO in Two Steps

Better keywords = more website traffic

In its most basic form, executing a keyword strategy involves selecting a keyword that a specific webpage does not rank for, then crafting and publishing content utilizing the keyword. 


Identify a keyword with moderate to high search volume and medium to low competition. The higher the search volume, and the lower the competitive score, the better.


Use the new keyword on your website. If you use the keyword on a webpage that is not the primary webpage, such as in a blog, online news letter, BIO or description, include a link to the webpage the keyword fits best. For example: If you're selling apparel and have a webpage specifically for women's athletic shoes, and your new keyword (keyphrase in this case) is “women's workout footwear” and you include this phrase in a blog post, make sure to link the text with the keywords back to the webpage for women's athletic shoes.

Preston Derrick