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Maximize Recurring Revenue for Medspa Businesses.

Your Own AI Powered Marketing Co-Pilot Built For Medspas.

Gain user-friendly and actionable insights for your small business through AI-powered dashboards, insights, actions, alerts and dashboards, balancing simplicity and depth. Empowering both DIY marketing efforts and collaborations with professional agencies.

AI Insights
Get poweful insights generated based off of your own data, allowing you to make confident, data backed decisions.
Intelligent Dashboards
View your data all in one place, including website, SEO, advertising and social media metrics.
Google Ad Management
Let the professionals at Cruxdata create, manage and optimize powerful Google Ads campaigns
SEO, Website, and Social
Keep a close eye the performance of your essential platforms

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What’s included?

Cruxdata offers small businesses a powerful AI-driven digital marketing partner. Our platform integrates data from your website, social media, SEO analysis, and Google Ads into a seamless, unified database, providing real-time, actionable insights through an intuitive interface. With Cruxdata, you gain access to AI driven analysis providing Highlights, Alerts and Opportunities with Intelligent interactive dashboards to simplify and accelerate your marketing strategy.

HIGHLIGHTS, ALerts & Opportunities

Empower your data with AI analysis to unlock tailored Highlights, Alerts, and Opportunities spanning your website, SEO, Social Media, and Google Ads.

Intelligent Marketing Dashboards 

Social media engagement
Website analytics
Google Ads (beta)
Cross platform demographics
Actionable insights


On page SEO audits
Keyword tracking
Semantic core development
Technical SEO audit
Backlink Monitoring
Competitor analysis

AI webpage optimizer

one-click data connections

industry benchmarks

ai co pilot + google ads

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What’s included?

Complete, full service google ads management

Everything included in "insights" and "Co-pilot" plans

Looking to supercharge your growth? By harnessing AI Insights, Intelligent Dashboards, and the Marketing Co-Pilot, Cruxdata delivers Google Ads Management at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional agencies. No minimum spends or lengthy contracts – it's tailor-made for small businesses.

Enjoy 100% transparency, giving you the flexibility to switch agencies or take the DIY route whenever you wish. Google Ads offer an excellent marketing channel to boost new customer acquisition in the short term.

Supercharge your business growth with Google Ads.

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Not sold yet? See how you can maximize your impact with the power of AI.

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What distinguishes Cruxdata is the real-time accessibility of our platform, featuring interactive intelligent dashboards, integrated SEO tools, and AI-driven analysis. Cruxdata.io delivers immediate insights into your marketing performance, complemented by a personalized, expertly crafted monthly report. This blend of on-the-spot data and in-depth analysis ensures you're consistently well-informed and prepared to act. Welcome to a realm where digital marketing is not merely managed—it's mastered

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Unlock the Power of Synergy: SEO and Ads Combined

Explore how detailed keyword analysis and precise targeting based on user search intent can bridge the gap between SEO efforts and Google Ads campaigns

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Cruxdata's AI Co-Pilot: Navigating Your Growth

Experience the perfect balance of short-term visibility and long-term organic growth with Cruxdata's AI Co-Pilot, your monthly guide to strategic digital marketing evolution.

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Budget Mastery: Smart Spending for Superior ROI

Continuous Ad Campaign adjustments, such negative keyword utilization, targeted ad scheduling, ad copy variants, can dramatically improve your AdWords efficiency and maximize your return on investment.

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Elevate Your Website: Continuous Content and Structure Refinement

Stay ahead in the AI-driven digital landscape with ongoing enhancements to your website's structure and content, ensuring the best user experience and optimal search engine performance.

The Small Business Challenge

Limited resources and lack of trust can make advertising daunting

Cruxdata emphasizes transparency combined with an incremental, data-driven strategy, empowering small businesses.

Google Ads is rich in features but also full of complexities.   In this crowded marketplace, small businesses encounter a multitude of agencies and freelancers, each promising success, complicating the decision-making process. The challenge of whom to trust with their advertising investments often leaves many in a state of indecision.

Small businesses must navigate the complexities of Google Ads, Google Analytics, keyword analysis, high costs per click, limited staff, and the confusion of selecting and managing the right partnership. Cruxdata simplifies this process by providing insights, and guiding you through every step of the process.

With our 100% transparent reports and easy to use platform, you can easily switch advertising service providers or take the reins yourself with confidence in the future - all while keeping your real time insights available around the clock.

The Value in Cruxdata

Simplicity - Think of Cruxdata as your own digital marketing assistant.

Every dollar you invest in advertising should be a step towards achieving your business goals. With Cruxdata, we ensure that your investment yields tangible results. By providing concise, effective, and affordable Google Ads services tailored for small businesses, we make the process transparent and straightforward.

Beyond our hands-on approach to campaign management, what sets us apart is our real-time tracking of marketing performance. With us, you're not just spending on advertising—you're making an investment in a brighter, more profitable future.

We tailor your Google Ad campaigns to align with your business goals, drawing on insights from SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and your Google Business Profile. We focus on simplicity - our platform simplifies the process by integrating your marketing tools and employing AI to generate unique insights. Specifically crafted for small businesses, our Google Ads services not only optimize your ads for clear and straightforward results, but also equip you with an AI-powered marketing platform.

Meet our process

How it works

Upload Your Data - AI X+ Webflow Template

1. Start simple

Connect your Google Analytics, and Google Business Profile if a Local Business to Cruxdata with our simple Click-to-Connect.

Train the Model - AI X+ Webflow Template

2. Set your goals

 Downloads of a white paper, leads filling out a form, clicking of purchase button, calls etc and budget

Get Results - AI X+ Webflow Template

3. We launch your first campaign

Using your goals and Insights from Cruxdata we develop, review with you, and launch your first campaign 

Get Results - AI X+ Webflow Template

4. Measure and Analyze

Using advanced tracking tools, we provide a granular insight into the performance of your ads, optimize and refine Google Adword parameters to optimize results and ensure that you understand where every dollar is spent.

Get Results - AI X+ Webflow Template

4. Continuous Optimization

Google Adwords always requires fine tuning and optimizing. Based on insights, we continuously refine and optimize your campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.

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Is there a learning curve for cruxdata?

No! Our simple point and click interface allows users to easily connect their data sources. Regardless of where you are on your digital marketing journey, Cruxdata will always aid you in your marketing growth. Stumped on a topic or need help implementing a new marketing program? Utilize one of Cruxdata’s vetted professionals in a wide array of fields. 

What is Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform by Google that allows businesses to display their ads on the Google search engine and other Google platforms.

Why is Google Ads challenging for small businesses?

Google Ads can be complex with unfamiliar terminology and high costs per click. Small businesses often face difficulties in navigating these complexities.

How does Cruxdata help small businesses with Google Ads?

Cruxdata simplifies the Google Ads process, providing step-by-step guidance for small businesses to make their advertising investment more effective.

What value does Cruxdata offer?

Cruxdata offers affordable and transparent Google Ads services. We ensure every advertising dollar contributes to your business goals, with real-time tracking of marketing performance.

What is the Cruxdata approach to Google Ads?

Our approach includes starting simple, measuring and analyzing performance, making iterative improvements, and providing transparent reporting on key metrics and adjustments

What value does Cruxdata offer?

Cruxdata offers affordable and transparent Google Ads services. We ensure every advertising dollar contributes to your business goals, with real-time tracking of marketing performance.

How can Cruxdata help me choose the right keywords?

We assist in selecting keywords that align with your business and target audience, optimizing your Google Ads campaigns for better results.

Can I trust Cruxdata with my advertising budget?

Cruxdata is committed to transparency and your success. Our real-time tracking ensures you're always aware of how your budget is being spent and the value it generates.

What sets Cruxdata apart from other agencies?

Cruxdata's unique value lies in our commitment to transparency, real-time tracking, and a hands-on approach to campaign management. We prioritize our clients' success at every step.

How do you ensure my Google Ads campaigns are optimized for success?

We continuously analyze your campaign's performance and make data-driven adjustments to improve your return on investment, all while keeping you informed with detailed reporting.

Why is simplicity important in Google Ads for small businesses?

Simplicity helps small businesses avoid the complexities of Google Ads and ensures a more effective and manageable start to their paid advertising campaigns.

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