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Should You Use Google Gemini For a Local Search? Lets ask Gemini!

Spoiler Alert: a traditional Google Search is much more helpful and Gemini just shows the top two Google Search results. So great, now small businesses can compete for the top two spots.

We asked Gemini "What is the Best Medspa in Portland Oregon?" to see just how helpful Google's tool really is when it comes to searches outside of your typical search for information.

Spoiler Alert: a traditional Google Search is much more helpful overall, as Gemini simply showed us the top two Google Search results.  As if competition wasn't tough enough already for small businesses, now they get to compete for the top two spots.

Below is the conversation we had with Gemini.

Our favorite quote from the conversation : “Inaccurate Representation: My focus on the top two ranked businesses creates an unfair situation for other well-regarded medspa locations”  

Checkout the Gemini conversation followed by traditional Google Search results, and let us know which you find to be more helpful.

A Regular Google Search 

Gemini can recommend a few medspa places, but to find the best match, a Google Search still reigns supreme. Why? Google Search delivers the full picture, showcasing a wider range of Portland medspa options. Users can sift through detailed reviews, compare services offered at different locations, see what other people are searching for and asking, and even discover hidden gems mentioned in user discussions. This empowers them to make a better choice based on their unique needs and preferences. Of course,  Gemini will state “I'm still here to help! I can assist with crafting the perfect Google Search or highlight key factors to consider when choosing a medspa, ensuring you have a truly informed decision-making experience.”  

Gemini relies on Googles rankings - meaning you need optimize your SEO.   

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Preston Derrick