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Why You Need to Use a Linktree in your Insta Bio

Using Linktree in your Instagram bio will allow your Instagram followers to find the page on your website they are looking for.

Links just don’t grow on trees ya know – just kidding. With Linktree, you can have both the tree and the links, for free!

Who Needs LinkTree?

Everyone with an Instagram Business Account needs a Linktree. If you want the ability to send customers to different locations on your website (you do) then Linktree is for you.

So, what is Linktree and why do I need it?
Linktree is a third party app used with Instagram that allows you to have multiple links in your Instagram bio. Typically, instagram only allows you to have one link in your bio – which can be problematic when you’re posting about different topics, and want to direct your social media followers to different parts of your website.


Expedia provides a textbook example of Linktree in action – (we stole this image directly from the Linktree blog, thanks Linktree). Expedia, as we all know, is an absolutely massive travel company. Their instagram posts span a wide variety of travel related topics, from flight deals to local excursions. If Expedia was only able to include one link in their bio, what would their link be? Would it simply land social media users on their homepage?

How would users ever find the information they are looking for on Expedia’s massive website? Chances are, they wouldn’t. Keep in mind, website visitors are fickle creatures.

If a user sees Expedia’s Instagram post on a cheap flight to Alaska, but the link in Expedia’s bio doesn’t take them directly to that offer page on Expedia’s website, Expedia is going to see a much higher drop off rate than if the user landed on the exact page they were looking for.

Expedia is very active on social media – meaning at any one point in time, they could have multiple “active” posts – meaning new Instagram users are seeing them for the first time.

To remedy this, Linktree offers the ability to include multiple links to their website. As you can see in the example image, Expedia uses Linktree to direct Instagram users to different parts of their website. By having the ability to land visitors on the right page, Expedia is going to have a much better chance at converting them.

Installing link tree may be one of the easiest things you ever do. Once you install Linktree, use Google Campaign Builder UTM tracking in the URLs to get maximum insights. It is super easy – see our quick how to guide: LinkTree & UTM Codes with Google Campaign Builder

Preston Derrick