Intelligent dashboards for small businesses.

Connect your website, Google tools & social media accounts to instantly create custom dashboards.  

Visualize all of your information in one tool, equipped with simple navigation and actional graphs, tables and charts.

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A graphic showing multiple small business digital marketing dashboards.

Search Engine Optimization

From the Top level summary all the way down to the details.

View your SEO summary dashboard alongside informative scorecards for all your key SEO metrics. Utilize eight individual dashboards covering all aspects of SEO, including a competitor dashboard to see how you stack up against the competition.

A bar graph showing SEO opportunities for small businesses.

Website Metrics 

Think of Cruxdata as your own digital marketing assistant.

Cruxdata syncs with your Google Analytics and Google Business Profile accounts to display your data in a streamlined dashboard, utilizing the same to easy-to-use navigation and simple layout consistent throughout the tool.  

An iPad showing small business digital marketing dashboards.

Social Media Monitoring

Keep an eye on your social accounts

Monitor and analyze your social media engagement across all of your channels, in one single place. Track your top performing posts to refine the type and style of your content that engages with your audience best.

A graph depicting small business social media engagement


Your demographics vary across platforms

Cross-platform demographics allow for easy audience comparison between your different marketing channels. Fine tune your messaging based on who your channels are reaching.

A graph depicting small business digital marketing demographics

Industry Benchmarks

See how you stack up against the competition

How you perform in the real world against your competition is what matters the most.  Leverage industry specific benchmarks to get a better understanding of how well your business is performing.  

Two charts comparing a small business and their competitor.


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Is there a learning curve for cruxdata?

No! Our simple point and click interface allows users to easily connect their data sources. Regardless of where you are on your digital marketing journey, Cruxdata will always aid you in your marketing growth. Stumped on a topic or need help implementing a new marketing program? Utilize one of Cruxdata’s vetted professionals in a wide array of fields. 

Why do I need marketing dashboards?

Using Cruxdata means using just one tool to monitor and analyze your digital marketing efforts, instead of having to remember multiple logins, check multiple tools, and cross analyze data in different formats. Cruxdata’s intelligent dashboards will help you fine tune your marketing efforts, allowing you to focus your marketing dollars where they matter most.

What are SEO dashboards?

SEO dashboards monitors all the key components of an SEO program. In order to accomplish this, Cruxdata integrates state of the art SEO tools under the hood to perform the SEO analysis and present in actionable management dashboards

What if I already use other tools or an Agency for my marketing?

Totally fine. Most companies utilize a variety of different tools, agencies, freelancers and marketing staff. While many agencies already provide their own dashboards for reporting, this poses a problem - those agencies decide how your data is reported, and also decide when your access to that data ends. USe Cruxdata to keep agencies and freelancers honest by always having your own source of data reporting.

Should I hire someone to do my SEO? SHould I do it myself?

While some aspects of SEO can be learned and implemented after a couple of articles or tutorial videos, there are many more components that require in-depth technical knowledge, or a considerable amount of time to accomplish. Consider hiring an agency or a freelancer for specific SEO tasks that simply aren't worth your time to learn, so that you can instead focus on your business.

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