Google Analytics Transition Breaks The Top Two Growth Metrics: Seasonality Insights & Year-Over-Year Analysis.

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Every business encounters seasonality. Recognizing these cycles is essential for growth. Year-over-year website traffic is a vital metric to understand this trend, as it offers the most accurate measurement of your SEO efforts. But there's a challenge: with the  Google Analytics transition from Google Analytics Univeral to Google Analytics GA4 (GA4), accessing continuous data has become more complex.   Don't worry - offers a seamless solution.

Yearly Metrics Takeaways:

Seasonal trends affect every business, from retail to corporate training

Year-over-year metrics are essential, but the shift to Google Analytics GA4 presents challenges in accessing this data

Annual patterns, influenced by factors like weather and fiscal calendars, dictate demand and consumer behavior provides an automated solution, linking both Google Analytics Universal Analytics and GA4 for streamlined reports

The digital realm is in constant flux. Google Analytics, the quintessential tool for deciphering online traffic, recently made a significant shift from the Universal model to the GA4 version. For many small businesses, the data reporting gap caused by the automatic GA4 transition was a tad overwhelming.

GA4 Transition Key Points:

Google Analytics - The Digital Pulse

It's not just a tool but a comprehensive window into a business's digital footprint. Nearly 38 million websites rely on it.

Data Viewing Transition Challenge

Google's automatic transition led to data being able to be viewed in one Google Analytics tool impossible, posing challenges for year-over-year metrics crucial for marketing strategies and programs.

Google Analytics GA4's Introduction:

More than an update, GA4 revamped its data model. From tracking page views to capturing every interaction as an event, while it’s a leap in analytical prowess there is a learning curve and there are some items that do not transfer straight over from Google Analytics Universal.  

The urgency for Data Retrieval

With Universal Analytics phasing out in July 2024, businesses have limited time to retrieve pivotal historical data.

AI's Role in Modern Marketing

Generative AI, like OpenAI's ChatGPT, is shaping the future of marketing, especially SEO. Being able to monitor year-over-year and year-long trends is key to being able to adjust your SEO and marketing programs. - Making It Simple seamlessly consolidates Universal and GA4 data, making it accessible and actionable for business owners.


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How does Cruxdata merge GAu and ga4 data?

That's our secret sauce - a proprietary tool we built just to alleviate this issue. Google failed to provide a solution to the data gap issues, so we stepped in and created something for small business owners and digital marketers alike.

When did google sunset gau and start recording on ga4?

On July 1st, Google stopped processing new data. Google urged users to create a GA4 property before then, and to export their data before losing access to their GAU interface.

where can i see my gau and ga4 data?

Cruxdata seamlessly integrates data from GAU and GA4 directly into one dashboard, meaning no more open tabs or messy spreadsheets.

Don't miss out on our introductory pricing.

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