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We’re proud to offer a straightforward and efficient method to advancing your marketing efforts. Our experienced marketing professionals are ready to assist you in seamlessly integrating your accounts with the Cruxdata platform, conducting a thorough analysis of your data, and compiling a comprehensive monthly report. 

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Growth Marketing Services for Small Businesses


CruxData Monthly Analysis & Action Report Service

The CruxData Monthly Analysis & Action Report Service is designed for businesses seeking expert marketing insights and actionable recommendations derived from their marketing data. Utilizing CruxData's Intelligent Insights and Action, the service provides you with a comprehensive monthly report of results and strategic actions to enhance your marketing efforts.

Combine a professional human analysis with automated AI optimizations, gaining powerful and actionable insights. Our professionals adeptly sift through and prioritize these insights, ensuring they align perfectly with your business's top priorities and available resources. This monthly service artfully merges AI's precision with our marketing experts' strategic insight. The outcome is a custom-fit action plan, designed within the constraints of your budget and schedule. Our deliverable is more than just an extensive list of options; it's a carefully crafted strategy, meticulously tailored to enhance both the impact and efficiency of your business.

Key Features: 

Expert Analysis Meets AI Precision: Tailored Strategies Within Your Budget and Timeline.

Monthly Performance Report:

Each month, you'll receive a comprehensive report detailing your key marketing metrics, including SEO rankings, social media engagement, website traffic, and more. Presented in a prioritized, easy-to-understand format, this report empowers you to quickly assess your marketing results and identify areas for improvement.

Actionable Recommendations: Complementing the performance report, our experts provide a prioritized list of actionable recommendations, crafted to align with your business objectives and implementation capacity. These ongoing, prioritized suggestions are designed to help you optimize and maximize your marketing efforts within your current resources, and identify opportunities where additional resources could enhance your marketing returns.

Flexible Subscription: At any time cancel the monthly report and use the Cruxdata platform for your own reports generation and insights.  

Due to high demand, our services are limited. Contact us now to discuss scheduling your personalized marketing plan.



  • You are subscribed to Cruxdata 
  • You've connected your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile, your Facebook Business Page, and your Instagram Professional Account to your Cruxdata dashboard
  • Your top five web pages are listed in the Cruxdata Semantic Core 
  • Your top 5 competitors are listed in your Cruxdata Digital Profile
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Google Ads For Small Business

Embarking on your Google Ads journey? Allow us to facilitate a smooth start with the creation of powerful, lead generating campaigns. Our Google AdWords Service is meticulously designed for businesses taking their initial steps into the realm of Google advertising.

Acclerate your business's website leads and search engine visibility with our custom-tailored advertising service. Compete on a small budget by utilizing our automated SEO and website insights. Enjoy 100% transparency with our custom monthly reports and intelligent dashboards, all at the industry's lowest cost. Trust to start or improve your advertising strategy with a keen focus on simplicity. transparency and effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Campaign set up: We will craft two distinct campaigns, each centered around a unique keyword pivotal to your business and marketing objectives, laying the foundation for a diversified advertising strategy from the get-go.  Each campaign will be executed sequentially to compare results.

Monthly optimizing: 

  • Keyword Adjustment & Fine-Tuning: Each month, our experts will adjust and fine-tune related keywords to optimize the performance of your campaigns. Through careful analysis of search trends and user behavior, we select and refine keywords that maximize visibility and conversion rates.
  • Negative Keywords Management: To enhance the precision of your campaigns, we'll identify and implement negative keywords monthly, preventing your ads from appearing in irrelevant searches and ensuring they effectively reach your target audience.
  • Scheduling Adjustments: We'll adjust the scheduling of your ads monthly to ensure they appear when most likely to engage your target audience, enhancing the chances of engagement and conversion.
  • Audience Refinement: Our team will refine your audience monthly, targeting users based on demographics, interests, and online behavior to ensure your ads resonate and prompt action.
  • Retargeting Strategies: Engage previous visitors to your website or ads with our monthly retargeting strategies, gently reminding potential customers of your offerings and encouraging completion of abandoned purchases.
  • Fresh Monthly Ad Copy: Each month, receive new and compelling ad copy that aligns with your brand voice and entices users to learn more about your offerings.



  • You're subscribed to CruxData 
  • You have a monthly Ad Budget minimum of $250 per campaign. 
  • Your Adwords Account is set up
  • You have Google Analytics GA4 deployed on your website 
  • You have pages that focus on targeted keywords, and are included in the CruxData Semantic Core tool
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On Demand Strategic Marketing Leadership

Intended for small businesses looking for expert marketing guidance without the overhead of a full-time position

Intended for small businesses looking for expert marketing guidance without the overhead of a full-time position, our Strategic Marketing Leadership On-Demand service is your answer. Get access to top-tier marketing expertise, including competitive analysis, product positioning, sales enablement, pricing, and management of freelancers or agencies. Benefit from the experience and insights of a seasoned marketing director at a fraction of the cost. This service is designed to deliver efficient, cost-effective strategies, specifically tailored to the unique needs and scale of small businesses."

Expert Marketing Leadership: Competitive Analysis, Brand Positioning, and Agency Management at an Affordable Cost.

Monthly Strategic Review: Each month, receive an in-depth strategic review encompassing more than just digital marketing metrics. We delve into competitive analysis, product positioning, sales enablement, and pricing strategies, alongside traditional digital marketing areas like SEO and social media engagement. This comprehensive report, crafted by seasoned marketing directors, offers a panoramic view of your marketing landscape, helping you understand your position in the market and how to leverage it for growth.

Actionable Recommendations: With this service, you'll receive a wide-ranging set of actionable recommendations that go beyond digital marketing. Our team, equipped with top-tier marketing expertise, will provide you with prioritized and strategic suggestions covering areas like competitive analysis, product positioning, sales enablement, and effective management of freelancers or agencies. These recommendations are aimed at not only enhancing your digital presence but also strengthening your overall marketing strategy, ensuring alignment with your broader business objectives.

This expanded service offering caters to small businesses seeking a comprehensive approach to marketing, combining the tactical efficiency of digital strategies with the strategic depth of broader marketing principles.

Due to high demand, our services are limited. Contact us now to discuss scheduling your personalized marketing plan

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