How to Create a SEO Dashboard in 4 Easy Steps

You're minutes away from your own SEO and digital marketing dashboard

Step 1.

Create account or log into

Step 2.

Connect your Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Business Profile a.ccounts

Don't have these accounts setup yet? No worries. Check our guides on How To Setup Google Analytics, How to Setup Google Search Console and How to Setup Google Business Profile.

Step 3.

Enter your top 5 business competitors.

Step 4.

Enter your top 5 competitors

That's it! You now have a full set of SEO dashboards and tools to start your SEO program.  

Now it's time to click around and familiarize yourself with the dashboard! Checkout your Website SEO audit score, analyze the keywords you're already ranking for, and get insight into what keywords your competitors are ranking for

Preston Derrick