38 Google SERP Results You Need to Know About (Part 2)

Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing manager, or a combination of both - you should know about every element on a Google SERP (search engine results page).

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13) Top Stories

Google's Top Stories is a SERP feature that’s triggered when someone searches a news-related term. It’s an amalgam of the most relevant, latest results on Google. Here’s what Google returns for “Latest news”.

14) Twitter

Twitter box is a Google SERP feature that’s shown at the top of the first SERP. With Twitter boxes, Google allows the users to navigate to a relevant Twitter profile directly from the search engine. Here’s what it shows for “Elon Musk Tweets”.

15) Video

Google doesn’t exclusively showcase web pages for all types of search queries - some searches can even trigger video search results. Here’s an example:

16) Events

The Google Events SERP feature makes it easy for users to find events through the search engine. It’s a great little feature to increase conversions and boost traffic to your events. Here’s what Google returns for “Events in Dubai”.

17) App Pack

The Google App Pack is a SERP feature that shows the top 6 relevant apps for a search term. The App Pack is more likely to appear in mobile search results vs desktop search results. Here’s what you get for the search term “To-do list”.

18) Carousel

A carousel is like a list that a searcher can browse on their mobile device. The Carousel SERP feature showcases multiple cards from a single site. Here’s how it looks like on Google:

19) Multi Carousel

The multi carousel SERP feature showcases more than a single carousel for a search query. For instance, for the term “Elon Musk Tweet”, Google returns:

  • A carousel of the latest Tweets
  • A carousel of top stories

20) Jobs

You can also search for jobs using a simple Google search. Here’s a screenshot of what it showed for the search “Jobs in New York”

21) Google Flights

Google Flights is a SERP feature that lets users find and book flights easily. It’s triggered when Google bots think someone is searching with the intent to book a flight. Here’s an example:

22) Google Reviews

Google reviews are just ratings of the products it fetches from e-commerce sellers. 

23) Mention Carousel

The Mention Carousel is basically a set of references to the query, generally from product review sites.

24) Recipes

Today, users don’t have to look any further than Google to find recipes of their favorite food. All they need to do is put “Recipe” in front of it. For instance, “Cake recipes”

25) Top Sights

Top Sights is a SERP feature that shows a few top locations in the vicinity of the searcher. However, searching for “Top sights” will return something else. So, when you search “Things to do”, here’s what it’d look like:

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Preston Derrick