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38 Google SERP Results You Need to Know About (Part 3)

Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing manager, or a combination of both - you should know about every element on a Google SERP (search engine results page).

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26) Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles, as the name suggests, puts academic resources in front of the user. It’s triggered when Google thinks the searcher intends to read research or an academic study. Here’s an example:

27) Popular Products

Google’s “Popular Products” searches for the most popular products from e-commerce sellers and showcases them on the search page.

28) Podcasts

Google has its own website and Play Store app for podcasts. When you search “Google podcasts”, it shows a row with the latest podcasts. Here’s what it looks like:

29) Questions and Answers

Google’s Questions and Answers SERP feature lets users interact with each other. For example, here’s a Questions and Answers section under an event.

30) Find Results On

Google’s "Find Results On" SERP feature lets you navigate to appropriate locations on the web. Here’s how it looks:

31) Stock Box

Google Stocks Box, as the name suggests, helps users see the rise and fall of specific stock prices right there on the search engine.

32) Google Posts

Google Posts allow users to publish text and images directly to their Google My Business (GMB) profile. You can use Google Posts to promote your offers, events, or just educate prospects. Here’s an example:

33) Google Hotels

Google Hotels is self-explanatory. It’s a SERP feature directed towards users who’re searching for nearby hotels. It provides a dedicated search to help you find the hotel you’re looking for.

34) Hotels Pack

Google Hotels Pack is designed to help users find the right hotels in their vicinity. 

35) Visual Stories

Google Visual Stories is a SERP feature that falls under the umbrella of Google Web Stories. It’s designed to help website owners engage their target audience with engaging stories.

36) Commercial Units

The Commercial Units SERP feature is a type of content for tourist and travel attractions. The important thing is it’s just a fancy name for “Things to do".

37) Local Services

Google's Local Services is designed to help people find local services, such as hair salons, dentists, and more.  For example, if a person types "dentists" in the search box, Google will show nearby dentists.

38) Math Solver

You can even do simple math problems on Google. For example, if you simply search for 700 + 200, it’ll give you the answer right there.

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Preston Derrick